Enjoy life more without needing to pick up a razor.

Our advanced laser technology provides fast, gentle, and safe hair removal.  

Our laser hair removal treatments are clinically proven to be safe and effective—so effective that most people can rid themselves of shaving and waxing completely. In fact, research shows that 90% of people report long term hair reduction after an average of 4-6 treatments.

We offer best-in-class equipment, expertise, and service.

Our priorities while choosing the right laser for our clients were the following:

  • Maximum efficiency & comfort
  • Short time of session
  • Small number of treatments to achieve satisfying results
  • The best results on the market now

Meet the LightSheer Duet

After much research and product testing, we chose the LightSheer Duet by Lumenis. This Diode Laser System is a top-line device for unwanted body hair removal and boasts the largest high power spot size in the industry which offers one of the fastest and most effective treatments on any skin type. This provides our clients a nearly painless, fast and effective treatment.  No numbing with a proven record of great results! 

Our advanced licensed technician will select from one of two handpieces based on the area treated to provide the best results and comfort.

LightSheer Duet ma?a g?owicaLightSheer ET Treatment

To maximize the treatment safety, the handpiece has a unique cooling system, the so-called ChillTip. It is integrated in the small head and in this way, the treatment is skin-friendly, comfortable and protects the skin during the treatment, making the procedure much less painful.

All the time during the session, the temperature of the sapphire tip is maintained at 4°C. In this way, it is a much more efficient cooling, compared with the solutions applied in other devices for hair removal (air-cooling, gels, etc.);


LightSheer Duet du?a g?owicaLightSheer HS Treatment

An entirely new, innovative technology, combining a large spot size of 22x35 mm with vacuum pressure, which acts analgesically and increases penetration of the laser beam, deeply into the hair follicle. LightSheer HS reduces treatment time of leg hair removal from about 2 hours to about 30 minutes;

The Actual Results 



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